Flee – Fast Lightweight Expression Evaluator

Do you also need a way to calculate on the fly with dynamic operators and reflection just by passing some variables? Here’s a nice tool for doing this. It is based on VB.net 2.0 but it does the job and is implemented in a matter of minutes. http://www.codeproject.com/KB/recipes/Flee.aspx Thanks to Eugene Ciloci

Professional Test-Driven Development with C Sharp

Also interested in Test Driven Development. Read this book from James Bender and Jeff McWherter. It gave me a very good insight in building tests following business requirements before building the actual solution.

Firefox slow on localhost

I didn’t understand why firefox suddenly is very slow while programming and running on localhost. I’ve found this article “Fixing Firefox Slowness with localhost on Vista (or XP with IPv6)” I’m using Windows 7 and not Vista or XP but the solution worked. To make the change, type about:config in the address bar, locate the […]

Problem ClientDependency in backend Umbraco 4.7

After deploying my new upgrade of Umbraco 4.7 to my production server an error occured when trying to logon the backend of Umbraco. The logon progress bar displays and displays and displays but nothing happens. After exploring with firebug i’ve discovered the error in DepencyHandler.axd After some searching I discovered that when you set compilation […]

“Remember me” in ASP.net MVC 2.0

I had to create the “remember me” functionality in the login page for one of our customers. Never had to think about this before and it seems so simple at first. Which it actually is. First of all add a checkbox within the Views\Account\logon.aspx page: Add following in the Controllers\AccountController.cs file:

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